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1990 - 1993


At the beginning 1990 Cintron found talented vocalist Fany Michalík and Tibor Šandor is replaced by him. The band does the tour around France and to band comes new member, Slovakian quitarist, skilled Henry Tóth. In new arrangement rework LP record „ Vypusťte psy!”(Release the dogs!) which appeares in Supraphon in May 1990. Next concert tour follows to promotion of LP record but period of inactiveness comes after that which is ended next personal changes. In spring 1991 leaves band Pavel Chodelka and Henry Tóth. They are replaced by Libor Kozelský. In 1991 band prepares next LP record, but in summer band comes apart again, goes away Jindřich Kvita, Václav Vlasák and Fany Michalík and they found band named FUNNY. Only Libor Kozelský and Radim Pařízek stay together and their aim is to build new CITRON totally from bases. New memebers appear in autumn: Aleš Hubáček – vocalist, Pavel Silber – bass guitarist and Pavel Novotný – guitar. Pavel Novotný is soon replaced by Ladislav Krečmer. That group does concert as preband of Ian Gillan and in spring in 1992 produces LP record „Sexbomby“(Sex bombs) in company Direkt. As bonus you can hear new version of hit „Revizor“ with guest Standa Hranický. In this time the band concerts very little and declines to big surprise. The most famous group from period LP record „Full of energy“including of Standa Hranický meet in café Prague in Nový Jičín at Christmas 1993 and all together will plan their comeback.






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