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1987 - 1989


The band must solve this situation very quickly and hires vocalist Ladislav Křížek from Prague band VITACIT. The preparations for the third LP record „Radegast“start. This LP is recorded in 1987 in studio Citron which was originally Radim’s flat in Ostrava – Přívoz.
The singles „Kráska a Radegast / Zase dál“ and „Sedm životů / Už zase mi scházíš“  that went before the Album and were produced in autumn 1987 revealed that CITRON changed its style to pure Heavy Metal. Two version originate again in 1988 and LP record is golden again. The Record is produced on CD too (small edition). The huge carousal of concert tours starts not only in Czechoslovakia but in Poland, Soviet Union and Germany as well. The band starts to appear on TV where won in hit parades, in radio hit parade „Větrník“ is becoming for fivetimes The band of year and Song „Zase dál“ become The song of year. In 1988 CITRON wins in public inquiry “The golden nightingale” and become the best of  band in Czechoslovakia. In this time starts co-operation with songstress Tanja e.g. in hit „Where go my loves“ that was written by Ladislav Křížek.
At the beginning 1989 band prepares next LP record „ Vypusťte psy!”(Release the dogs!) but inside in band starts to iniciate problems. From prepared LP record are produced only working demo and only single „Uragán / Svět patří nám“ is published. The first named song becomes by hit at once. In August 1989 leaves from band Ladislav Křížek and after him Jaroslav Bartoň, who found own band the KREYSON. The CITRON finds new vocalist and guitarist in Slovakia; Tibor Šándor and Pavol Chodelka. In new arrangement finish planned concert in autumn and produce LP record „Vypusťte psy!”(Release the dogs!) whereas Tibor Šándor was not good as vocalist.






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