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1982 -1987


Radim Pařízek does not want to take with this bad situation. He becomes the leader and main character of CITRON. Very experienced vocalist Stanislav Hranický comes to band (ex-Majestic). In band coms other musicians – young guitarist Jindřich Kvita a bass guitarist Jiří Krejčí. In that arrangement originate singles „Zítra, zkrátka příště/Kamaráde na pomoc tě volám“ and „V tu ránu / Jenom já sním“ which were produced by Supraphon. In this year in summer happens to next important change in band. Schmutz and Krejčí are replaced by guitarist Jaroslav Bartoň and bass guitarist Václav Vlasák who come here from Pavel Novák’s band. All together started producing next singles that were sold out very quickly. Songs like „Revizor“ or  „Vezmi si mne jako dárek“ (with original uncertified lyrics „Jen si od plic zanadávej“) are becoming big hit songs and band starts slowly but markedly to change (harden)  its style from hard-rock to heavy metal. It is clear that LP record will appear very soon.
Recording LP record „Plni energie“(Full of Energy) goes on in year 1984 - 1985  in Prague‘s studio Mozaretum and with band starts cooperating Wester German producer of Czech origin Jan Němec. Two version originate again and this time in 1986 appear both – Czech version at Supraphon, English version at West German company Intercord. The record becomes by  Golden at once and is sold over half milion pieces of that record. Next accomplishments come as well, e.g. in public inquiry “The golden nightingale” where CITRON in competition the Czechoslovak Top of popular music places the second position closely behind Slovak’s band ELÁN. Neverending concert tours follow e.g in West Germany with band ROSY VISTA and they follow one in the Czech Republic as well. In February 1987 has CITRON big trouble because vocalist Stanislav Haranický breaks his leg at concert in Bratislava and he becomes in the long therm ill.






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